SCHOLARSHIPS, and are three websites that advertise scholarships, some happen to be for Hawaii residents. Search for Dr. Oliver Lee Scholarship, Hawaii Self Storage Senior Scholarship, Filipino Women's League Scholarship, Odenza Marketing Group Volunteer Scholarship, Barbara Lotze Scholarship, Vegetarian Resource Scholarship, and the Geraldine Putnam Clark Scholarship.
Kamehameha Schools offers a variety of scholarships for Hawaii residents. Follow the link to find out more information about each one. Applicants who need help completing the forms for their need-based scholarship can get help at the resource centers on the island.
Deadline: Jan. 31 or Feb. 7
KS Scholarships
This scholarship is for students who will be college freshmen next year and have a goal of working toward a career in Business. Must be a Hawaii resident and two letters of recommendation are required. The award amount is $5,000 per year for four years. Go to the website for more details and to apply.
Deadline: February 21, 2020
This church offers two scholarships for students, one is the Doris Rewick Educational Aid Fund and the other is the Ruth Scudder Scholarship. Both grants are awarded based on character, scholarship, evidence of financial need and community service. Go to the website for more information, be sure to click on the Women's League tab to view the application.
Deadline: Feb 28, 2020
This is a scholarship that is open to legal residents of windward Oahu. Selection will be based on academic potential and demonstrated financial need. Last year, nine applicants were awarded $1,000 or more. Go to the website to complete the application.
Deadline: March 1, 2020
Bow Yee Tong Scholarship
This is a $1,000 for a senior who plans to attend college next year. The purpose of Bow Yee Tong is to promote an interest in the economic, social, health and moral welfare of the community along with perpetuating the Chinese language, culture, arts and heritage. The application can be found at the bottom of this page and can be picked up in Q2.
Deadline: March 15, 2020
There are two scholarships given by the BBB this year, a video scholarship and an essay scholarship. Applicants should plan to attend college next year and have a 3.0 gpa. Go to the website to find out the details on how to submit an application.
Deadline: March 16, 2020
Each year Mufi Hannemann gives awards to students of Samoan ancestry. Applicants should demonstrate academic promise and leadership potential. Click on the link for more information.
Deadline: March 31, 2020
This organization is offering scholarships to Native Hawaiian students who will pursue degrees in environmental, natural resources, earth sciences, agriculture or astronomy. Scholarships are available for students who will pursue a Bachelor's degree or an Associates degree. Review the website for more information.
Taiwanese American Community Scholarship
This is a $1,000 scholarship for a senior who will attend college next year. Applicants need to have a 3.3 gpa along with demonstrated leadership and commitment to public service. The application can be found at the bottom of this page and can be picked up in Q2.
Deadline: April 18, 2020
This award amount is $2,000 but it's not clear how many they will give. Applicants should have a passion for (playing) the ukulele. 
Deadline: April 30, 2020