Credit maps for Early College cohorts

Students who want to review their college classes and see how they line up with high school graduation requirements can find the information on the right side of the page. Click on the link for your graduation year.

Early College Classes at Kahuku for 2019-2020 school year
Hula 'Olapa: Traditional Hawaiian Dance
Introduction to the Visual Arts
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
History of Hawaii
Geography and Contemporary Society
Emerging Humanity
English Composition I
Mahi Ai I: Hawaiian Taro Culture*
Hawaii: Center of the Pacific*
*offered only to students in our Hawaiian Language Immersion Program
Frequently Asked Questions
How can a student take Early College classes?
Some classes are open to all students in grades 11 and 12. Students can sign up to take the classes during the regular registration period in Jan/Feb. For this school year, some juniors and seniors are taking Intro to Visual Arts during semester one and Intro to Entrepreneurship during semester two.
The majority of our classes are taken by students in our Early College Cohorts. Students fill out an application in grade 8 and apply to be part of a cohort that spans all four years of high school. While in high school, students will take selected classes during the regular school day and during summer break. Our first cohort of students are on track to graduate in 2021 with 40 college credits.
Will my student earn an Associates Degree by high school graduation?
In general, students need to earn 60 college credits in order to earn an Associates Degree. Our Early College students are on track to earn 40 college credits. Follow this link for information about the Associates in Arts Degree from WCC.
Will different colleges accept the Early College classes?
There are close to 2,000 four-year colleges across the country and many have their own set of criteria for accepting transfer credits. The two most popular four-year colleges for our students are the BYU system colleges and the UH system colleges. Here is a link to UH System transfer course database where you can see which WCC classes can transfer within the UH system. Here is a link to the BYU transfer equivalency page where you can see which WCC classes are already approved for transfer to BYU. To find out about a specific college, go to their website and research their transfer policies. 
Can Early College students apply to college as transfer students instead of freshman?
Seniors who have not yet graduated from high school will need to apply to college as a freshman even if they have completed college credits. Once they are accepted, the college will then review their college transcript and revise their standing as needed (i.e. change from freshman to sophomore).