Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Athletic Director:  Gillian Yamagata, CAA
Athletic Trainers:    Maia Miller
                               Guy Boydstun
Football: Head Coach Sterling Carvalho (808) 542-7977 (Optional Work Outs)
Basketball Girls: Head Coach Latoya Wily (808) 783-9489 (Optional Work Outs)
Baseball: Head Coach Blaise Kise (808) 896-2605
Golf: Head Coach Sterling Carvalho (808) 542-7977
Judo: Head Coach Moke Galletes (808) 230-9331
Softball: Head Coach Chasity Wily (808) 305-7543
Tennis: Head Coach Kira Adolpho (435) 553-9821
Track & Field: Head Coach Anue Santiago (808) 306-1268
Volleyball Boys: Head Coach Kaniela Kalama (808) 305-7395
Water Polo: Int Head Coach(Int) Gina Ahue (808) 305-7470 / (808) 479-6873
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In order to try out for any sport, you must have the following.
  • Current Physical
  • Risk Form
  • Clearance form
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Athletic Director Schedule:

The Athletic Director is available to receive calls and visitors between the hours of 10:00am – 1:00pm, during regular business days.  Any person who reports to the office and needs assistance from the Athletic Director, the office staff will call ahead to see if the Athletic Director is available.

If available, parents, visitors or those needing assistance, may be sent to the gym where the Athletic Director will meet them. The Athletic Director may sometimes not be available due to meetings, visitors, or other various athletics needs.  If this occurs, please forward calls and ask callers to leave a message and a response will be given as quickly as circumstances permit.

Thank you,

Gillian Yamagata
"Use your power to serve others"  "Lead by example"  "It's all about the kids"

Gillian D.R.Yamagata, CAA  
Athletic Director
Kahuku High & Intermediate School
Ph: (808) 305-7470
Fax: (808) 293-8960