Testing Center » Welcome to KHIS' Testing Center

Welcome to KHIS' Testing Center

Welcome to KHIS' Testing Center!  KHIS' Testing Center team will help ensure assessment opportunities are provided to students at KHIS.  
Located on the third floor of W-building, our goal is to assist KHIS faculty, students, and community to measure academic progress through assessment opportunities. We are responsible for testing iReady diagnostics, SBA Reading and Math Assessments, Next Gen Science Assessments, NAEP, GRADE Assessments, AP and PSAT Tests.
Before Entering the Testing Center
  • Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices. Keep cellphones and earpods with you when going to a computer. 
When Entering the Testing Center
  • Place backpacks and bags on counter by the window. 
  • Walk in single file and sit at a computer - filling each row one computer at a time beginning at the front of the testing room.
  • Secure phones/ipods in a device securing pouch that is located under the computer monitor.
  • Place secured device pouch at the top edge of testing table and keep it there until the end of testing.
When Leaving the Testing Center
  • Get your backpack/bags on counter by the window. 
  • Unlock your cellphone device pouch by the exit door.
  • Remove your devices and put the pouches into the designated bin.
When near Testing Center During Testing Windows
  • Adhere to signs posted during testing sessions.