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For SY2023-2024, all grade 7, 8 and 9 students are required to take FALL, WINTER, and SPRING Diagnostic Assessments. KHIS uses the iReady program for the diagnostic reading and math assessment. 


iReady are computer adaptive tests that measure your child's reading and math skills. Teachers can and will use data to answer questions about their students' strengths and learning needs, and to improve academic success for all their students. 


Results are also used to estivate students' proficiency on future state tests and mastery of standards.



iReady Diagnostic Testing Windows


FALL Testing Period: August 7 - September 8

WINTER Testing Period: November 27 - December 21

SPRING Testing Period: March 1 - May 3



iReady Assessment Information

Visit  the iReady Parent Portal: https://i-readycentral.com/familycenter/

How You Can Help Students:
Encourage them to do their best!