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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Family-School Partnerships Message to Families


Families need to know that they are important to their children's success and there is an expectation that they will partner with the schools and the complex to achieve it.  As higher expectations for students result in higher achievement, we hope the same will be true for families.  Here are some important things to know:


We need your help.  Kahuku High and Intermediate school is committed to providing a high quality education to our students, but we can't do it alone.


You are important to your children's success.  As your children's first and most important teachers, you play a vital role, including such things as making sure your children are at school daily -- well rested, on time, and ready to learn and checking that homework is done.


Our children need to know that their education is a top priority to both their schools and their families, and that we're here for them, to support and encourage them, and keep them accountable.


We have high expectations.  We have high expectations for our students. We have high expectations for our teachers and staff. We have high expectations for our families.


You will always have a role.  Whether your child is an infant, a toddler, entering Kindergarten or the pre-teen years, beginning high school, or planning for after graduation, your child needs you.  And we need you.


Together we can do it.  We need to work together as partners for the sake of our children's success.


Please see or call Grace Alaiasa. KHIS's Parent Coordinator at Q0 for more info. 293-8950 ext. 253.