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Athletic Director:                      Gillian Yamagata, CAA
Assistant Athletic Directors:  Brandy Burke
                                                      Lori Vimahi
Athletic Trainers:                      Guy Boydstun           
Sign Ups Sports
All Spring Sports begin workouts on March 22, 2021
You must submit a current Physical and Risk Form to the Athletic Trainer from 3pm - 5:30pm daily. Check the bulletin for Athletic Trainers hours to submit forms.
Once you have submitted the forms and cleared, the Athletic trainer will give you access to sign up for the sport.

Work Outs

Phase 3. Opening Athletics

Procedure Required for ALL Student Athletes

1. Submit a current Sports Physical & Risk Form to the Athletic Trainer (AT), receive a Clearance Form (Completed Prior to the 1st day of workouts.  NO Physicals & Risk Form submitted NO Participation).
If your Physical is still current, you will only need to submit a Risk Form.
Athletes will be given access to sign up for the sport by the AT after forms are submitted.  
2. Health Screen Check will be completed on-line. This is required daily by all participants prior to entering any facility for work outs each day (Coaches will email student athletes their report times and pod assignments).
3. After Screening is approved, student athletes report to assigned work out station (Field/Track,

Gym, Tennis Courts, Upper Field Court, Gym Tumbling Room, Air Riflery).

4. Submit the Clearance Form (Received Form AT) to the coach.

Required Items to bring for ALL Student Athletes

1. Towel (Own personal may not be shared)
2. Water Jug (Own personal may not be shared, at least ½ Gal - 1Gal Container)
3. Shoes (Own personal may not be shared, appropriate for the sport and workout area)
4. Socks (Own personal may not be shared)
5. Face Mask (Own personal may not be shared)
Schedule to Submit Sports Physicals/Risk Forms
Continue to drop off daily 3pm -5:30pm (Not on Holidays) at the side of the Gym (AT Room) or click on link Schedule

Tryout/Workout Procedure

1.  Student Athlete (SA) picks up Physical Form & Risk Form from the front office (or download from School website).

2.  Submit completed forms to the Athletic Trainer (AT) after school hours (check for signatures, 1 person may submit).

3.  SA receives an Athletic Clearance Form from the AT (Signed by AT).

4.  SA takes the Athletic Clearance Form to front office Account Clerk after 3:00pm, clear financial obligations.

5.  SA submits the Athletic Clearance Form to the Coach in order to tryout/workout.

6.  Coach checks the Athletic Clearance Form for all 3 signatures.

7.  After team is made, Coach submits all Athletic Clearance Forms to AD.

Athletic Director Schedule
The Athletic Director is available to receive calls and visitors between the hours of
10:00am – 1:00pm, during regular business hours.  Individuals must report to the office first to check in, then proceed to the gym.  Sometimes the Athletic Director may not be available due to meetings, or other various athletics needs.  If this occurs, please leave a message at the front office or on a voicemail and a response will be given as quickly as circumstances permit.

"Use your power to serve others"  "Lead by example"  "It's all about the kids"