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Hello! Yo! Aloha! Lei Ho! Fùnyìhng!

Welcome to Mrs. Yuen's Page! 

A little bit about me - I attended primary/elementary school in the United States and Canada. I graduated high school in California and headed to Hawaii for college and haven't left since. I received my Bachelor's in Social Sciences Secondary Education, Associates in Theatre and minored in History. I have taught at Kahuku High & Intermediate School since 2007 and teaching 8th grade Social Studies since 2013 and love it! 


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Former 8th Grade Students & Parents

If you subscribed to my webpage this past school year and you are getting this email notification, please scroll down until you see "unsubscribe" to stop getting email notifications for the new school year. 

Final Review with Kahoot

The final exam is on Tuesday, May 24th or Wednesday, May 25th. Study!! Use the study guide that was given to you! 
Remember, you'll need two devices to play the game. 
Another option would be to have the game running on one device and either write the answer down or say it orally. The game will show you the answer when the time is up. 
Good luck! 

Turn in Textbooks

Last day to turn in the textbook you left at home is Friday, May 20th. 
If it's not received by 2:45pm Friday, I will be writing student obligations for student at $78 for each book. You will then have to clear it with the front office to bring me the slip saying that the book was returned. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 

Parent-Teacher Communication Survey

PLEASE complete the survey that is in your school email account OR head over to THIS link.

The student AND one parent should both complete the survey. 
yes, the survey is anonymous, the only "personal" information that is being gathered is what class period the student is currently enrolled in. 
Thank you very much for your cooperation and patience :)

Parent-Teacher Communication Survey


Please complete a quick survey by Thursday, April 28th. 

This should be completed by STUDENT and a PARENT. 
I have also emailed the link to students in their school Gmail.
Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation! 
Have a great day! 

Permission Slips

Don't forget to get your permission slips signed to watch movie clips about battles during the Civil War! 
Need to have it returned and signed by Fri, April 22nd. 
If you didn't get one, please come to my room and get one. 
or you can print out the first page at THIS link

History Day Final Projects

Hi!! Hope you've all had a great break! 
Your History Day Final Projects are due the day you come back to class! If you're unsure what needs to go on your project, look on nhd.org or Google it! 
Reminder - if your project gets chosen to move on to the school competition January 13th after school, you will need to be prepared to compete and answer questions by the judges. 

Kahoot Review for Constitution Test

Did you want to play the Kahoot we played today in class to review for the Constitution test? 
Click HERE to play but you'll need two devices to play. One to show the questions and the other to select the answers. 
Have fun!!
The test is going to be on the block period when we get back from break.

Unit 5 - Constitution Test will be...

when we get back from break! You gave a whole week to study! I will post an "assignment" in your class pages with file links. 

Bell Schedule for Homecoming Week (Sept 7 -11)

Bell Schedule for Homecoming Week (Sept 7 -11)

Mon 9/7 - Labor Day - No School
Tues 9/8 - All 7 periods
Wed 9/9 - All 7 periods
Thurs 9/10 - Tuesday schedule (odds)
Fri 9/11 - Wednesday & assembly schedule (evens)

Don't forget to dress up for Spirit Week!

Tuesday is Crazy Hair or White
Wednesday is Red, Orange, Yellow or Tourist Attire
Thursday is Blue or FOB Blue
Friday is Black, Red or White

20 Secondary Facts

20 secondary facts are due on Tuesday/Wednesday this coming week instead of on Monday since I won't be seeing you guys till the block periods. Email me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

HD - Research in the library

Hello! Thank you for coming to the library to do preliminary research on topics that interest you. 
Don't forget to READ, READ and READ and see how the topic you've chosen can fit into the theme.
You don't need to lock into anything yet.
Just keep RESEARCHING. By READING and RESEARCHING, you can learn more about your topic.
When you learn more about your topic, you will be able to narrow it down and come up with a thesis to base your paper on. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at cyuen@kahukuhs.k12.hi.us

REMINDERS: We'll be in the library August 13-14 and August 27-28 (Thursdays and Fridays)

8SS SY 15-16 Syllabus

If you lost your syllabus and still need to turn in the last page - Student and Parent Acknowledgement, then use the attached file to complete the task. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.