Kahuku High and Intermediate School


About KEAC


To provide the students in the Ko’olauloa Region with exciting career and educational experiences to help them prepare today for success in college, career, and community.


The purposes and missions of the Ko’olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation are to provide career awareness, focus and experience for every student in the Ko’olauloa Region; to infuse quality educational opportunities related to careers and career applications in school and after-school programs; to assist students in developing the skills, values and ethics required for successful living; to create a true “partnership” with all community resources for the benefit of all students and to encourage and facilitate communications between the regions elementary schools, intermediate and high school, post-secondary institutions, businesses and the regions communities.


In 1996, the Ko’olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation (“KEAC”) became the first 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in Hawaii by schools and businesses as part of the Federal Government’s School-to-Work program. In 1997, KEAC began capacity building with the teachers in the Kahuku Complex and the area elementary schools (Ka’a’awa, Hau’ula, La’ie, Kahuku and Sunset) and businesses in the area, working to integrate career exploration and project-based learning in the school curriculum.

In 1998, the first “real life” project was implemented when KEAC facilitated a relationship between Kahuku High School students studying Japanese and the nearby Turtle Bay Resort where the students were used to interpret for Japanese guests.

In 2000, KEAC introduced a Career Portfolio Program at Kahuku High School, offering internet searches of colleges, careers, scholarships, online application to colleges and scholarships, course planning and email mentoring at a time when very few students had access to the internet.

In 2001, KEAC founded an e-commerce website with a physical store in the Kahuku Campus, known as Kahuku.org, to teach students how to operate a business. Kahuku High School trademarked the school mascot and logos. Kahuku.org designs, prints, and sells T-shirts and other paraphernalia. Students are taught store merchandising, marketing, accounting, business management and other career skills. Proceeds from the sale of these items has resulted in the direct donation to Kahuku High School the amount of $240,790 through 2013.

In addition to Kahuku.org, KEAC is currently assisting the AVID program (college exploration and preparation), the Green Club (hands on recycling, alternative energy, aquaponics, etc.), the Film Club (working with the on campus ‘Olelo facility, providing hands on movie and television production, directing, editing and writing skills), and the Computer Club (hands on computer repair, programming, design and recycling skills).

As a result of the dedicated volunteer time put into KEAC, the contribution of time and financial resources by local area businesses, the dedication of the region’s teachers and school administrators, the generosity of foundations and other grant entities that provide funds for specific programs, it would be a difficult task to find a student who has not benefited in some way through at least one if not more than one of KEAC’s programs.