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Practice Hawaii State Assessment (HSA)


Aloha Parents, the following link will connect you to the HSA website and specifically the training tests section of the site.


You are initially prompted to sign in with a login and password, but its not necessary and you can simply login as a guest. If you're student is new to the HSA's this can be a good resource for them to become more familiar with the test interface. 

Grades tested are 3-8 and 10. They are tested on English and Math. For grades 4,8, and 10 there is a Science portion. There will be 3 opportunities for them to take each test and only their highest score will be counted. The first opportunity will begin in November. If they meet proficiency on any of the assessments, they will receive a free tshirt to reward their accomplishment.


For any questions regarding the HSA's, please email me at


Thank you for your support.