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Welcome to Kahuku High and Intermediate School's Health Learning Center

The Kahuku Health Learning Center is a Hawaii State-funded Health Learning Center with a mission to provide career and technical education in the health professions and to inspire high school students to pursue post-high school education and careers in medicine and health care. The program offers several courses, workshops and learning opportunities for the community and the students at Kahuku High and Intermediate.  

The following is a list of the classes that fall under the Kahuku Health Learning Center: 


  • CTE Health Services Pathway  

    • Foundations of Health Services: Year 1 of the pathway

    • Advanced Health Services/Human Anatomy and Physiology: Year 2 of the pathway

    • Nursing Services: Year 3 of the pathway 

    • Work-Based Learning Nursing Services: Year four of the pathway.  This class gives students opportunities to do job shadowing, internships, and independent leadership projects to promote health in the school and community. 

  • Forensic Science


Students in the Health Learning Center can also join the national HOSA-Future Health Professionals organization and participate at the state level in various health-related events and competitions.  Students placing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places in their events can go on to compete at the National Leadership Conference. 


Mrs. Erika Allred is the director of the Health Learning Center program and teaches the Foundations of Health Services, Nursing Services and the WBL Nursing Services classes.  Mr. Knoel Kaneshiro is currently teaching the Advanced Health Services/Human Anatomy and Physiology and Mrs. Iris Kahaulelio teaches the Forensic Science class. Mrs. Erika Allred and Amy Swiderski are the advisors for HOSA-Future Health Professionals.