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School Community Council Nomination Form

Kahuku High & Intermediate School
School Community Council Nomination Form

Participating on the School Community Council will be a rewarding experience for all those who value the opportunity to make a difference in public education. Please nominate candidates for the School Community Council. Self nominations are welcome.

I nominate ____________________________________ ___________________
for the Kahuku High & Intermediate School Community Council
to represent:

___Certificated staff (need to fill one position)
___Parent (need to fill one position)
___Community member (need to fill one position)

If this nomination is for the parent representative, please indicate the following:

Child’s Name and Grade: __________________________________

I have confirmed that the nominee is willing to run for membership on
the School Community Council.  See the attached Candidate Form.
Nominator’s Name_________________________________________

Nominator’s Signature______________________________________

Please return the two forms in the DROP BOX in the school office.  
Elections will be held every two years in the month of March.

If you have any questions, please contact Raynae Fonoimoana (305-7371). 

Thank you.

Kahuku High & Intermediate School
SCC Candidate’s Form

Candidate’s name: ____________________________________________

Role Group: _________________________________________________

Please provide a brief description of yourself and state why you would like to serve on the School Community Council.

Candidate’s signature:_____________________________