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Fundraising and Awareness Projects

Having a well-planned out purpose behind a school fundraiser accomplishes several objectives. The most important thing is that schools that have a well defined and publicized purpose usually end up raising more money. Why? It’s because:

  1. They have asked teachers, parents and students what they think the money should be used for. This gets everyone involved
  2. Having a school fundraising purpose gives everyone a reason to participate in the fundraiser
  3. People can unify behind a common objective
  4. The purpose helps define the fundraiser and give it meaning
  5. A specific purpose gives school fundraiser coordinators the opportunity to promote it before, during and after the sale
  6. By promoting the purpose after the sale, the school fundraising coordinator will publicize exactly where the money is being spent which is consistent with the original purpose. This goes along way towards building trust and unifies people for the next school fundraiser
  7. People will actually get to witness and experience where the money was spent

Some examples of good fundraising purposes might be:

  1. Replace old sports equipment
  2. Project Grad
  3. School Marque
  4. Computer hardware
  5. Educational-based field trips

Obviously there are limitless reasons why school fundraisers are needed. The important thing to remember is that the school will want to unify everyone behind a fundraising purpose, then promote it and finally build trust by showing people that the money was actually spent where it was initially intended. This will go along way towards building credibility for next year’s school fundraiser.