Computer Lab Reservations:

To Schedule Computer Lab Requests:

1) Check the computer lab calendars (links below) to see which days/periods are open:                     

     Both W304 & W305 have priority as Testing labs, and makeup sessions may not always reflect
     on the  calendar. Both W304 & W305 have printer capability and projectors available.
     Any lab/cart can be reserved for a maximum of one week per month per teacher unless there are special circumstances.

        W304 Testing Lab  (35 mini Dells & projector)
      W305 Testing Lab (not available - being refurbished))
  P38 (laptop cart available)  (20 Toshiba laptops)
Testing Chromebook Cart 1 (20 devices)
        -  Testing Chromebook Cart 2 (16 devices)
 2) Fill out the Computer Lab request form:
 3) Bea DeRego will contact you within 48 hours with the STATUS of your request.

     (Please plan ahead - labs/carts are scheduled on a "first come - first served" basis.