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Student Government

SBG Officers for 2019-2020 


High School SBG Executive Council

Student Body President- Mursina Soli

VP of Student Activities &Publicity- Kuulei Uluave

VP of Clubs & Service- Kimiko Wong

Recording Secretary- Edyn Tuliloa

Corresponding Secretary-



Windward District Student Council Reps


Kien Kalama, ShaCe Niu and Shaun Niu




Keeli Christensen


Senior Class Council


President- Lela Tonga

Vice President- Micah Curtis

Secretary- Ikaika Wells

Treasurer- Cobi Ah Puck


Junior Class Council


President- Emily Tsing

Vice President- Teal Wasson

Secretary- Ashley Kinzer

Treasurer- Naia Pulotu


Sophomore Class Council


President- Kelly Lewis

Vice President- Chaselyn Lee


Treasurer- Tiger Adolpho


Freshman Class Council


President- Ani Hippolite

Vice President- Gwyneth Palmer

Treasurer- Krisalyn Memea

Secretary- Aotea Kalama


Intermediate Executive Council


President- Alana Lee

Vice President- Osooso Sulunga

Secretary- Aneia Kalama

Treasurer- Tacoma Campbell


7th Grade Feeder School Reps


Livija Ryun

Alex Wolfersberger

Susan Cravens

Lyriq Lopes

Micah Ah You




Senior Class Advisers:

Agalelei Taosoga, Ipo Uluave, Wendy Wells

Junior Class Advisers:  

Amber O'Reilly, Melanie Afualo

Sophomore Class Advisers:

Karin Hansen Del Rey

Freshmen Class Advisers: 

Gina Ahue


Carol Yuen, Christine Ornellas

 Elections for the new school year will be in MARCH. The applciations and packets are due on February 10, 2017 by 3PM at the end of the day.