Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Kahuku High and Intermediate School would like to send a big MAHALO to Senator Gil Riviere and Representative Sean Quinlan for their support in securing $4.5 million of 2019 Legislative Funds for the Design and Construction of the Athletic Field's Drainage Improvement Project.

AP Preadministration next Tuesday during Period 7

AP students!  You are required to attend the mandatory AP test Pre-administration session which will be held next Tuesday, April 30th, during period 7 in the cafeteria.  Students who do not complete the pre-administration will not be allowed to take the test on the scheduled date and will need to pay the $45 late fee to register for the late test.  Students will be excused from their period 7 class when they attend.  Please be sure to bring 2 sharpened, number 2 pencils with you to the cafeteria to complete your demographics section.  Contact Ms. DeRego after school ASAP if you have a valid reason for missing this session.