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Testing Center and Test Dates for KHIS

School Year 2020-21 Test Dates & Announcements:
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Upcoming Exams:

Annual STAR Screening for 7th - 8th Grade Students has been postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Students may be screened at the end of semester 2 if we return to campus.  Administration may request testing of specific students to ensure student success.

Parents with questions can contact Bea DeRego at 305-7354 or email beatrice.deregocoffield@k12.hi.us for more information.


2020-21 PSAT


The PSAT/NMSQT is the only test a junior student can take to try to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship.  Juniors who are college bound should also consider taking the PSAT before completing the SAT their senior year as a preview of their scores.  Due to the school's status with distance learning, there will be limited options for testing this year, only juniors may register for the PSAT in January.


The College Board announced a NEW test date scheduled for Tuesday January 26.  If KHIS returns to a hybrid schedule, the test will be offered to a limited number of juniors.  Due to safety requirements, the PSAT will not include sophomores this year.  Students who sign up and have paid for the test or who receive a subsidy will be assigned a specific testing room and all current safety rules will apply.  Students will also be required to attend a pre-administration session on campus to complete demographic information before the test.  There will be no virtual pre-administation or testing.


The test fee is $20 for students, however the College Board is increasing the subsidies provided to each school to cover any student with Free & Reduced lunch status.  Information on paying for the test will be provided in November.


The PSAT has separate math and verbal sections and a third section testing English grammar. Each subject is scored on a scale of 20 to 80 and these scores are combined to create the National Merit Scholarship selection index. 


National Merit $2,500 Scholarship winners are the finalists in each state who are judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success in rigorous college studies. The number of winners named in each state is proportional to the state's percentage of the nation's graduating high school seniors. 


The Scholars are  selected by a committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors, who appraise a substantial amount of information submitted by both the Finalists and their high schools: the academic record, including difficulty level of subjects studied and grades earned; scores from two standardized tests; contributions and leadership in school and community activities; an essay written by the Finalist; and a recommendation written by a high school official. 


Students can find more information at the College Board PSAT website.  Students can also create an account to participate in Test Prep opportunities.








The DOE will request a waiver from the Federal Dept. of Education to cancel the Smarter Balanced Exams, the Science Assessment & the Biology End of Year Exam.  
The current federal DOE has indicated it will not approve any waivers for testing.  This status may change depending on the election results.  KHIS is currently planning testing schedules in the event the waiver is not approved.  The scheduled test window is Feb 16th through May 28, 2021.


The HIDOE requires all students in grades 7, 8 and 11 to participate in the Hawaii State Assessment Program.  The U.S. Department of Education requires 95% participation on mandated state accountability tests.  The scores from these tests are a large part of KHI's score on STRIVE-HI under the new Strategic Plan and the ESSA Plan.


Due to Covid-19 safety requirements, KHIS is working on the logistics of testing students.  Both middle and high school students may need to complete each content area in 1-2 days rather than spread out over 1-2 weeks.  Students may also be testing in their classrooms rather than in the Testing Labs.


Parents who need general information about the SBA  can follow these links:

The Smarter Balanced Tests - Info for Parents 

Parent Information Books for State Testing  (all languages)


Parents with questions/concerns should contact the principal, Ms. Donna Lindsey.  The Hawaii DOE requires all schools to submit all test refusal letters to the Assessment section for review.


Hawaii State Science Assessment - Grade 8

The Science HSA test window for 2021 is January 11 through May 28th.  Students have 2 opportunities to meet the standards.


The HSA Science exam is required for all 8th grade students.  This year, students will begin testing on the new Next Gen Science standards (the Science tests were cancelled for 2020).   For more information related to the changes addressed by the Next Gen Science Standards for Middle School Students, parents and students can download the Parent Guide from the link above.


End of Course Biology Exam

The EOC Biology exam window for 2021 is April 26 through May 28, 2021. 

The End-of-Course (EOC) exams measure a student's level of proficiency for the standards and benchmarks assigned to the course. The optional Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 EOC Exams measure proficiency for the Hawaii Common Core Math Standards. The mandatory Biology I EOC Exam measures proficiency for the new Next Gen standards.  The scores on the EOC Biology exam are included in the students' final grades for the year. 


Students will be scheduled to take the test with the rest of their class during May of 2021.    Students who will be absent during this week need to arrange to test early with their Biology teacher.  Due to safety requirements, students may also be testing in their classrooms rather than in the Testing Labs.

The Biology End of Course Exam is mandatory for all students taking the Biology course at any grade level.




The WIDA ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is a secure large-scale English language proficiency assessment administered to 7th through 12th grade students at Kahuku High & Intermediate, who have been identified as English language learners (ELLs). It is given annually in WIDA Consortium member states to monitor students’ progress in acquiring academic English. The test is aligned with student standards and assesses each of the four language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

The annual English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment window for School Year 2020-21 is open from January 12, 2021 to February 24, 2021.  KHIS students will be scheduled to test in January, with makeup testing in February..  Each skills subsection is scheduled for a different test session to allow students adequate time to complete the test.



The Kaiapuni Assessment of Educational Outcomes (KĀʻEO) in language arts, mathematics and science are developed and administered in the Hawaiian language. Public and public charter school students in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program are administered the language arts and mathematics assessments in grades 3-8 and the science assessments in grades 5 and 8.

Department of Education does not offer Kaiapuni students in grades 3-8 courtesy testing of the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) in English. Currently, the KĀʻEO is the Department’s only method to provide Kaiapuni student assessment data for federal accountability purposes. All Kaiapuni students in grades 3-8 are assessed using the KĀʻEO to meet requirements for federal accountability purposes.

The Kaiapuni assessment window for School Year 2020-21 is open from April 1, 2021 to May 28, 2021.  Students  in KHIS Hawaiian Language Immersion Program will be tested in their classes if the waiver is not approved.



The DOE will continue to implement The ACT in SY 2020-21. This college admissions
assessment is offered free to all students enrolled in grade 11 (as defined by credit count in the Student Information System) who have not been administered the test in a prior year (i.e., students repeating grade 11 who have taken the test in a previous year are not included).
KHIS will administer The ACT on the statewide administration date, Tuesday, February 23, 2021 if students return to campus.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions students will need to register for the Pre-administration session that will be held on campus 2 weeks before the test.  There are NO remote options for either the pre-administraion or testing.  More information will be provided when the new semester starts in January.



Complimentary Testing for Community Students


Students who are members of our KHIS community and are home-schooled are eligible to participate in HIDOE mandated testing.

Any parent who has questions regarding scheduling their students for one of these tests can contact Ms. Bea DeRego at 305-7354.  Please leave a
local contact number if you leave a message  You can also email: beatrice.deregocoffield@k12.hi.us
To ensure we have time to request your child be added to DOE testing, please contact Ms. DeRego at lease 60 days in advance of the scheduled test date. 


INDIVIDUAL TEST DATES FOR the SAT/ACT can be explored at the following links:

KHIS does not administer the SAT.  Also, seniors are not part of the DOE's testing program for the ACT.  To find more information regarding these test, to find a Test Site, and to reserve a seat, please visit the links below.

Due to Covid-19 safety requirements, many of the test sites are currently closed.  Please contact the site you are interested in by calling their LOCAL phone number since different sites have different safety rules and are continuously updating their plans for testing.


Parents requesting testing accommodations for their student are encouraged to view the relevant website below to determine the timeline, test date, and documents necessary for requesting accommodations.  You are advised to begin the process at least 60 days before the selected test date. 

Please contact the Kahuku High & Intermediate Student Services Coordinator - Ms. Cussana Mapu, or Bea DeRego, Test Coordinator, for questions.




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