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R Quest Draft

what if in each running scene...we start with a dramatic normal student activity say: a football tackle...then one of the sustainably kids toss a beach ball with one of the R words and they immediately drop the ball, look at the word...close up on the word and still in football uniform, do the sustainable action... these kind of Sustainable fairies, go around school, interrupting other normal activities, like water polo, we the people, computer club, volley ball etc and then they all stop what they are doing to do a symbolic funny if possible sustainable ACTION we need a list of sustainable actions that can be shown in B-roll that are 4-5 seconds long: please ask you kids for a list: its like coreography... eg. 1. pick up plastic bottle...put in recycle 2. turning off a light...opening a window shade for natural like 3. recycle food in cafe 4. use a flask and not a plastic bottle....etc