Educational Philosophy


As an educator, I am committed to meet the multiple needs, interests, and intelligences of all learners by cultivating an inclusive, student-centered, and experienced-based educational environment where students can enhance their critical thinking skills and creative capacities along with their academic potential. Although I recognize that not every person has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, I believe that everyone has the equal right to develop their natural talents and abilities, their aspirations, and to eventually make something of themselves. My aim, therefore, is to prepare students not only to meet the highest intellectual and academic standards, but also to get them ready for the myriad challenges facing them now and in the future. By sharing my enthusiasm and interest in learning and self-cultivation, engaging students, and helping them with the mastery of skills and the curriculum, I am confident that I can help others in edifying ways to become capable of strong academic performance, healthy participation in society, and an authentic ability to succeed in life.