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Character Education

This course is meant to help incoming seventh graders become acclimated to the high school curriculum and environment. Each student will be exploring interrelationships with other students and school staff. Through the use of group collaboration and individual projects, the students will become self-directed learners and thinkers.

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Mid-Quarter 3

Mid-Quarter has come and gone! There are only 3 more weeks of the quarter left, so if you haven't turned in any of the assignments get them to me asap.

Quarter 3

Welcome back from winter break! I hope you all had a restful break and are ready to get back to work.
The theme for this quarter is "Begin with the End in Mind!"  The end in mind is ultimately a career. We are going to explore different careers, then explore different colleges. I want to help prepare you for the next steps, what you need to do to get where you want to go.


This week we are working on organization. The students will be working on organizing their binders and their backpacks. Everything should be neat and orderly. They should be able to find what they need in less than 5 seconds. I have posted a file labeled Binder and Backpack Organization that is a rubric for the students to help them organized themselves because I will be grading them on their organization based on the rubric.

Quarter 2

Welcome back for quarter 2!

This quarter we'll be focusing on Academic Development. The students will be working on organization, time management, multiple intelligence, study skills, grade management, stress management, goal setting, memory strategies, and test taking skills.

I'll be posting updates on each subject as we work on them.


October is Bullying Prevention Month and in preparation for that we are learning about Bullying. 

There are many great articles about bullying and how to help those who are bullied. There are many websites dedicated to bullying prevention and information. Below are some links that I will be using in class to help stop bullying. I encourage you to click on the links and get better informed. I also encourage you to simply google bullying and explore the abundance of websites available to you for your own research. Please help me stop bullying. 







This week we've been discussing Choice.

Some questions you need to ask your self when making choices are:

      Does the choice take into account other peoples' views?

      Are others' feeling considered? 

      What's at stake with a particular choice, e.g., a friendship, someone's feelings, someone's reputation?

      What personal feelings might influence our choice?

      What other factors might influence our choice, e.g. our prior experiences, values, and beliefs?


If you've been absent from class please write a half page explaining how Choice, Respect, and Responsibility are related to each other through actions. You if you have any question please feel free to email me.

Open House

Open House is Thursday, August 21, at 5:30. I will be in attendance. If you have any questions or concerns about the class please feel free to ask.