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Welcome to the Kahuku Film Club!

Kahuku Film Club is a branch of the Ko’olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation (, a 501(c) 3.

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The Film Club is a program to develop a digital media platform for the youth in Ko’olauloa, specifically the Kahuku complex schools and the feeder schools.


This platform provides media training resources for the class room, for after-school programs and for work/study internships. The students use a camera as a tool to learn about themselves, their community and their world. The project oriented learning has curriculum content for teaching life skills, study skills, and career skill sets. Digital media and video production is one of the most impactful way to engage and education youth. In the schools and at home digital communication will be replacing the traditional pencil, paper and textbooks.


Youth demonstrate that they can learn faster and more comprehensively if they are allowed to self-direct their learning in hands-on purposeful projects. Producing a video is a powerful model for inspiring students to become engaged, to be creative and to develop their gifts and talents.


We believe that students can develop their powerful learning skills and take responsibility for their education while having fun. When a student is inspired to learn in an elective class like film it can ignite motivation and insight to learn other more traditional classes in the categories of STEM or CORE.


Using digital media and the Internet, students can connect to each other in meaningful learning experiences and that can also connect to Kupuna’s and experts all over the world. Using virtual classroom tools students can travel to places like Paris, Tokyo, LA or Beijing without needing a plane ticket!


In our film club we teach a range of students from beginners to advanced. The goal of each project is to have students create an educational video while developing their media proficiency. The videos are researched by students, hosted in the voice of students, intended for a student audience. As the student researches and writes their script, films their project, and edits, they are learning life skills, leadership and teaching skills that will help them be more successful in college and in life.

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Kahuku School’s Film Club students come from small rural, mostly lower-income communities along Oahu’s scenic North Shore. The 3 yr old after-school club teaches how to use the camera as a fun, creative learning tool. Our equipment is old & limited, but the students are learning reporting, script writing, camera & sound; directing & editing film. Teamwork is stressed, & students from at-risk to gifted, musicians to nerds have all come together & found passion & purpose in filmmaking. Kahuku has a rich Hawaiian & multi-cultural heritage, but sadly many students do not know their own history. Last year the Club interviewed & filmed their elders, the keepers of the knowledge, in Hawaiian called Kupuna. They filmed their traditional taro fields & wrote an original story & two songs about what they learned. Kahuku won 2 State-wide awards for their film. More importantly they learned about themselves & giving back to the Community by preserving stories of their history & culture in film.