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Purchase Order Overview

* PO must be submitted and approved by the Principal PRIOR TO ORDERING.
* Vendor must be state approved w/a vendor#, accept POs, and generate invoices for payment.
* PO Worksheet must include complete vendor information and ordering information. Incomplete or erroneous POs will be returned to the Dept Head.
* PO requires Dept Head authorization.
* Record of Small Purchase Form 10B is required for all purchases not on a SPO or DOE price list.
* Purchases $0.01-$4,999.99 do not require quotes; however, the awarding of contract must be fair and reasonable, and Form 10B is still required to be submitted w/PO (use Form 10B-Purchases <$5,000 below.)  Purchases $5,000-$14,999.99 require (3) verbal quotes submitted on Form 10B. Purchases $15,000-$24,999.99 require (3) written quotes (see Form 10A below) submitted with Form 10B.  Purchases of $25,000+ requires the principal to contact the Procurement Branch.
* State of Hawaii Price List website - http://hawaii.gov/spo/price-vendor-lists/
* Price List Exception Form 5 is required for requesting approval to purchase items on a bid list from another vendor.
* PO totals of $2,500+ require vendor to be tax compliant and registered w/the State of Hawaii Compliance Express.
* Hawaii Compliance Express website - http://vendors.ehawaii.gov/hce/splash/welcome.html
* Payments are not posted until the packing slips have been submitted as confirmation of receipt of goods.