Kahuku High and Intermediate School



A student will be considered “chronically absent”, by the DOE, if he/she is absent for 15 or more school days for any reason--excused or unexcused. Parents/guardians will be sent letters from the school informing them of their child’s fifth, tenth, and fifteenth absences. Interventions to address chronic absenteeism and truancy may include parent/guardian notification, school level consequences, parent/guardian meetings, Social Worker referrals, home visits, and/or family court petitions. A student is marked absent for the day if she/he is not physically present for at least half of the school day, class period, or school sponsored activity/event. A student will be considered truant if she/he is ab- sent without school personnel authorization or parent/guardian authorization.

ABSENCES Examples of school-related Excused Absences:

  • Chapter 19 consequences
  • School authorized activities on and off campus (i.e. student meetings, DOE athletics, field trips, assessments, etc.) Examples of non-school related Excused Absences:
  • Medical/Dental reasons (a medical doctor’s/dentist’s note required for three or more days)
  • Death in the family
  • Court appearance
  • Educational programs
  • College recruitment/visitations
  • Sports/Youth Camps
  • Sports Competitions
  • Family Emergencies (on a case-by-case basis) *Requires an Excused Extended Absence Request Form and sup- porting documentation for absences between four and ten days).

A written note or email ( notes@kahukuhs.k12.hi.us from the student’s parent/legal guardian is required to be submitted within three business days upon a student’s return to school for non-school related excused absences for less than three days. Please include the following information: date note was written, student’s full name, date(s) of absences(s), reason for absence(s), and parent/legal guardian con- tact number and signature. A medical doctor’s or dentist’s note is required for three or more consecutive absences due to medical/dental reasons. Teachers are only required to provide make-up for excused absences. Students are responsible for requesting and acquiring make-up work. Students can get assistance during Action Period or other designated times to help complete missed work. An Excused Extended Absence Request Form is required to be submitted for a minimum of four school days and a maxi- mum of ten school days ( See page 19 ). Requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the planned absence. This form can be acquired from the main office and grade level counselors. If extended absences are not approved, it is up to the teacher’s discretion whether to provide make-up work. Parents/Legal Guardians will be notified daily via the a phone message system if their child is absent from a class. Student daily attendance can also be monitored through the Infinite Campus online student information system. Please call the Registrar’s Office at 305-7351 if your contact information changes.

DETENTION FOR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES Students will be required to attend one hour of after school detention for the third and each subsequent unexcused absence for each class period missed. Please note that a written note or email is required to be submitted within three business days of a student’s unexcused absence. Detention hours not served will be treated as an obligation and will need to be served prior to students participating in extracurricular activities. Students will be notified of their detention hours via a note in their first period. Parents/Legal Guardians will be contacted via email and/or phone after the initial detention hours have been assigned. Detention will be served in the cafeteria or Room R201. Please contact Ms. Taosoga at 306-7446 if you have any questions.

TARDIES A student will be tardy if he/she is not in class before the tardy bell rings. Students are required to submit a parent/legal guardian note to the Attendance Clerk in Room Q0 for an excused tardy. Notes should include the following: date, student’s full name, reason for being late, and parent/legal guardian contact number and signature. Examples of Excused Tardies:

  • Delayed school/city bus verified by school personnel
  • Excessive traffic due to an accident or road construction verified by school personnel
  • Family emergency verified by school administrator
  • Medical/Dental appointment verified by a medical doc- tor’s/dentists note Examples of Unexcused Tardies:
  • Student or Parent/Legal Guardian Overslept/Running late
  • Transportation issues (car trouble, ride was late, missed bus, etc.)
  • Family emergency not verified by school administrator
LOCK OUT Students who are tardy, due to unexcused reasons are required to report to Lock Out in the cafeteria for the remainder of the period. Students who report to Lock Out will be marked tardy and allowed to do the class work missed. Students who do not report to Lock Out will be marked absent, considered truant, and will not be allowed to do the class work missed. Students who report to Lock Out after more than half of the class is over will be marked absent. In the first 10 minutes of the first block of the day, students may report to Q-0 with a note from parents/legal guardians and then proceed to class.