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Schedule Change Policy

Student schedules are created from student requests and teacher recommendations.  This information is used to plan for courses and teaching positions.  Therefore, CHANGES WILL ONLY BE APPROVED FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS:
1. Duplication of course
2. Required course needed
3. Incomplete schedule
4. Incorrect level placement
5. Core/Peer/Sped Review Committee recommendation
6. Administration recommendation
Schedule changes will only be granted during the first two weeks of the quarter.  A Schedule Change Request Form must be completed and submitted to the grade level counselor.  Students are required to attend their scheduled classes and are responsible for all assigned wok while their request is being reviewed.  Absences will only be excused if a student has permission from a grade level counselor o be out of a scheduled class.  Schedule change requests are not guaranteed.
If a schedule change request is approved for the same course, the current grade for the course will be transferred to the new class.  If a course drop request is approved outside the schedule change request period, the interim grade(s) for the dropped course will remain on the student's transcript.  The final grade for the course will be an "N" or a "W" if the student withdraws from KHIS.