Kahuku High and Intermediate School

School Policies » Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is against the law. It includes all unwanted, uninvited and non-reciprocal sexual attention as well as the creation of an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school or work environment. A hostile environment can include:


1. Sexually suggestive looks or gestures; or
2. Sexual jokes, pictures or teasing; or
3. Pressure for dates or sex; or
4. Sexually demeaning comments; or
5. Deliberate touching, cornering, or pinching, "pantsing"; or
6. Attempts to kiss or fondle; or
7. Threats, demands or suggestions that favors will be granted in exchange for sex or tolerance of sexual advances.


For counsel and assistance in resolving matters of this nature contact a counselor, vice principal, or the principal.