Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Off Campus Passes

Students leaving campus during the school hours for personal business must present a note to the office IN THE MORNING BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN. Parents should also provide a phone number so the school can call to verify the request.

Parents who pick up their children prior to the end of the school day should report to the office to sign their child out. Parents may be asked to present identification before picking up their child(ren). School monitors will be sent to the classroom to bring students to their parents in the office.


  1. Students who request more than five temporary passes a semester shall be referred to the administra- tion for review of subsequent requests for off-campus passes. The administration reserves the right to review and deny requests not deemed valid accord- ing to the above criteria.
  2. Temporary passes to leave campus during the official school day will be issued for the following reasons only:
    a. Driver licensing test (not excusable).
    b. Job interview verified by employer (not excusable).
    c. Medical or dental appointment verified by doc- tor and/or dentist (may be excused).
    d. Illness substantiated by the school nurse/ aide (may be excused).
    e. Family emergencies (may be excused).
    f. School-sanctioned off-campus activities (may be excused).