Kahuku High and Intermediate School

School Policies » Fighting


A student shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or intentionally behave in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury to any person. Any student involved in fighting or promoting fighting shall be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from campus.


Assault or fighting is defined as a verbal or physical altercation causing a disruption of the educational process. Students should not move toward fights but should seek ways to avoid fights. A mob fight is defined as a fight in which two or more students fight against another student. Students who participate in mob fights face dismissal.



There are many factors that contribute to fights and potential fights. The message to everyone is: DO NOT FIGHT!


There are many ways that you can avoid a fight. Here are things you can do to solve your problem if you are feeling angry with another student or group of students or if you are approached by a student or group of students.
1. Talk with your teacher.
2. Ask permission to see your counselor.
3. Go to the office to see an administrator.
4. Tell a security guard.
5. Tell your parents.


Do not choose to resolve your problem by fighting! This is a warning to every student. If you choose to fight you are choosing to be suspended from school and arrested by the police. You may be asked to find another school.


Each of you is responsible for your own behavior. No one else makes you fight. You get yourself into the situation and you make the choice. You can always walk away and seek another solution through mediation and help.


If you are feeling angry, think first and get control of your emotions. Don’t feel you have to prove yourself because someone else “challenges” you.


Friends, you can help your friends make the best choice. Do not flock to a fight or encourage a fight, as you can be suspended for “aiding and abetting” a fight.

You will also be held responsible if you contribute to a fight by carrying a rumor from group to group or if you encourage anyone to fight. The person who does that is an “instigator”, and will also face consequences.