Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Dress Code Policy

Red Raiders Dress Responsibly and Respectfully
  • ID and school issued lanyard is available at all times.
  • Midriff is completely covered - front and back.
  • Clothing fits properly-no excessively baggy or tattered attire.
  • The length of shorts, skirts and dresses is no higher than the length of the middle finger when arms are positioned by the sides.
  • Tank top does not have scooped or deep sides.
  • Top has straps of at least two inches in width, is not strapless, low-cut or a halter style.  No spagetti straps, camisoles or tube tops.
  • Leggings are worn under shorts, skirts or dresses that are no higher that the length of the middle finger when arms are positioned by the sides.
  • Underwear is not exposed.  This includes bra straps, underwear and boxers.
  • No sharp jewelry or sharp items on clothing or hats.
  • Do not wear caps or sunglasses (medical exception requires a doctor's note) while in classrooms/buildings.
  • Clothing/personal items such as shoes, backpacks, and jewelry are free of offensive, illegal, violent, obscene and negative symbols, sign, slogans, or words, degrading any gender, culture, religion, ethnic value, race, or anything which may incite a violent response or conflict.
  • Clothing/personal items do not display messages relating to drugs, gangs, sex, or profanity.
  • Students who purposefully get wet during bad weather will not be allowed in class, will be required to get a change of clothes and will not be excuses from classes.  Students may also receive Chapter 19 Class C Offense consequences.