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Discipline Guidelines

Chapter 19 is a statute which interprets state and school laws governing the behavior of students in Hawaii Public Schools. The purpose of Chapter 19 and school administered discipline is to promote and to maintain a safe learning environment, teach proper behavior, deter student acts which interfere with the purpose of education, and to ensure that educational activities remain uninterrupted.

Board of Education Policy #4010, Student Code of Conduct, states that students are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy, individual behavior should not interfere with the rights of others, and students are expected not to harass others verbally or physically.

Violators of policies will be disciplined on a case-by-case basis depending on the seriousness of the violation, prior violations, and other factors.

CLASS A OFFENSES: Prohibited by State Law
Assault; Burglary; Possession or use of dangerous weapons or instruments (including fireworks); Possession, use or sale of drug paraphernalia; Extortion; Possession or use of firearms; Possession, use or sale of illicit substances (drugs); Murder; Property damage; Robbery; Sexual offenses; Terroristic Threatening.

CLASS B OFFENSES: Prohibited by State Law
Disorderly conduct; Rendering of a False Alarm; Gambling; Harassment; Bullying, Theft; Trespassing.

Notification of parents; or Crisis Suspension or Suspension or Arrest; or Disciplinary Transfer; or Dismissal.

CLASS C OFFENSES: Prohibited by DOE Rule
Class cutting; Insubordination; Leaving campus without permission; Tobacco substances - possession or use; Truancy.

CLASS D OFFENSES - School Prohibited Conduct
Possession or use of contraband; Any other conduct as may be prescribed and prohibited by school rules.

Consequences for Class C and D offenses include reprimand and warning by teacher or administrator, parent conference, referral to alternative program, detention, in-school suspension, crisis suspension. Class C consequences may also include dismissal.


Students who are suspended as a result of law or rule infractions are not permitted to attend or participate in any school-related or sponsored activities. Should the term of suspension carry over from a Friday to the following week, students will not be permitted to attend or to participate in any weekend school-sponsored activities. Athletes who assault OIA officials will be banned from OIA activities for a minimum of two years.