Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Dance Rules

School dances provide safe, positive, substance-free activities for students. Rules include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. Dances must be sponsored by a recognized organization and calendared through SBG.
2. Students must remain in the general area of the dance and should not loiter in other areas - on or near the campus.
3. Seventh and eighth graders may not attend high school dances unless the dance has been designated a school-wide dance in which case intermediate students must bring permission forms signed by a parent. Intermediate students should not loiter on campus during high school dances.
4. Dances are drug-free events. Zero tolerance rules apply at all dances and consequences can include 92 day suspensions.
5. Coats, large bags, and bulky items are subject to search or may be checked in at the door.
6. Kahuku's dress code applies at all dances.
7. Dance moves should be appropriate. Students who jump on others, use profanity or gang symbols will be asked to leave.
8. Gang apparel, including clothing or hats with gang messages and rags, is prohibited at dances. Students should not make gang signs while dancing.
9. Students should leave the school soon after the dance.


Administration will strictly enforce all rules at the dance. Students who do not follow the rules may be sent home and excluded from all future dances. School consequences may also be applied including detention, suspension, or placement at an alternative campus.