Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Behavior Guidelines

Behavior that is expected includes, but is not limited to, the list below. Violators of these rules will be disciplined, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the seriousness of the violation, prior violations and other factors. Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, parent conference, detention, suspension, or dismissal.


1. Students shall be in class on time.
2. Students shall remain in class until the bell rings.
3. Students shall have materials required for perfor- mance in the classroom including paper, pencils, pens, Red Book, as well as assigned textbooks.
4. Students shall cover all textbooks.
5. Students shall pay for all lost textbooks and any issued school property which is lost or damaged prior to participation in co-curricular activities.
6. Students shall not forge passes, excuses, call slips, official documents, nor possess blank copies of same.
7. Students shall not litter or spit.
8. Students shall not name-call or use profanity.
9. Students shall behave appropriately at all functions in or out of school including dances, field trips, assemblies, and athletic events.
10. Students will serve as cafeteria workers when
11. Students shall behave appropriately in the cafeteria, return trays, not borrow money from other students, and not cut in line.
12. Students shall not enter designated off-limit areas on campus, nor loiter in restrooms and stairwells.
13. Students shall not eat, including chewing gum, or drink in the library, classrooms or offices.
14. Students shall adhere to all bus rules as outlined on page G of this handbook.
15. Students shall not use pencils or pens for “pencil fighting”.
16. Rumors, gossip, slam books, name-calling, and arguments are prohibited.
17. Students shall not be present at gambling, fights or any other illegal activity.
18. Students shall not drink kava or possess any paraphernalia for making and drinking kava.
19. Public displays of affection, such as kissing or sitting on a student's lap are prohibited.
20. Students shall not bring contraband items that may cause bodily injury, damage to property or disruption of school operations: skateboards, shoes with wheels, toys, radios, stereos, knives, BB pellets, lighters/matches, fireworks, dice, pepper spray, balloons, water guns, shaving cream or items with an effect similar to shaving cream.
22. Students shall not participate in gang activities or gang-like behavior.
23. Students shall not throw any items from buildings.
24. Students shall attend only those events which are designated for their grade levels.
25. Found items should be turned into the office for return to owners.

26. Tattooing and body-piercing practices and related paraphernalia such as needles and India ink are not permitted on campus.



Nuisance items that disrupt the class or learning environment, such as cell phones, CD players, games, hats, sunglasses, musical instruments, or anything else that the teacher finds inappropriate and disruptive will be confiscated and turned into an administrator for pickup and possible disciplinary action.