Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Kahuku High and Intermediate School would like to extend a heartfelt and huge MAHALO to Turtle Bay Foundation and sustainable energy company, AES, for the gift of cool air! Last week, all 23 portable classrooms on campus were each outfitted with a 24-BTU air conditioning unit. Thank you to community liaison, Verla Moore, for facilitating the donation and to No’o Taea and Eagle Electric for the timely installation. This generous gift is greatly appreciated!
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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy 04-05


Research shows that there is an irrefutable connection between classroom attendance and achievement and learning. School success is predicated on three basic principles: attendance, participation, and involvement in the classroom, using school time for learning.


Class discussions, experiments, labs, and research are just a few examples of classroom activities that cannot be replicated through make-up work. The student must be in class to experience these types of activities.


The goal of the attendance policy is to increase student achievement by encouraging students to be in class on time and to create a culture at Kahuku where truancy is unacceptable and attendance records are accurate.


The school's vision is that a walk across campus would reveal that students are in class and actively participating in lessons.


A school-wide goal is that the students will continue to exceed a 95% daily attendance rate.




Students must bring an excuse note from their parent/ guardian on the day that they return to school from an absence.

  1. Before school, students should turn in their excuse note to the attendance clerk in room Q-0. The note should include the students name, grade, reason for absence, date(s) of absence, contact phone number, and parent/guardian signature. Only the parent/guardian of record should sign the note.
  2. The student attendance will be updated on the eSIS system by the attendance office, for all teachers to verify excused absence. MAKE-UP WORK WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOR AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.
  3. Students who need to be excused for THREE DAYS OR MORE must follow this procedure: If absence is due to illness, please submit a doctor's note with the parent excuse note to Q-0. If possible, please call the school to inform or illness or emergency situation. Extended absences are discouraged except for emergency situations. If a student must have Extended absences, a form available in the attendance office, must be completed, submitted, and approved by administration at least two weeks prior to the absence date.
  4. Students who need to leave school early, may only leave the school campus with an official Off Campus pass from the health room or the attendance office. Students who are caught leaving campus without a pass will be suspended.
  5. If a student fails to bring in an excuse note with-in three days of their return to school, the absence will be considered a cut and the student will receive a detention notice. Detention is served at recess or lunch, as specified on the notice.
  6. Failure to attend the assigned detention is considered insubordination and will result in a referral to In School Suspension the following day, for three class periods.
  7. After four (4) unexcused absences, the student must attend a counseling session at the Honolulu Police Department, downtown station, with a parent or guardian. A pattern of unexcused absences will result in progressive discipline and/or referral to the school's student support committee, with the possibility of a family court referral.
  8. Students will be granted authorized school activity from classes when a student participates in school sponsored activities and has received prior teacher permission. Examples are athletic teams, field trips, band, etc.
  9. Kahuku students are expected to be in class, on time, every period, every day to take full advantage of the learning opportunities available to them. Students may not enter class tardy. If they don't make it to class on time, they must report to Lockout for the remainder of the period. Students who are out of class without passes will be ushered to Lockout for the remainder of the period. Progressive discipline will be administered to students who are repeatedly are sent to Lockout.