Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Kahuku High and Intermediate School would like to extend a heartfelt and huge MAHALO to Turtle Bay Foundation and sustainable energy company, AES, for the gift of cool air! Last week, all 23 portable classrooms on campus were each outfitted with a 24-BTU air conditioning unit. Thank you to community liaison, Verla Moore, for facilitating the donation and to No’o Taea and Eagle Electric for the timely installation. This generous gift is greatly appreciated!


General Information
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Mon. through Fri.
Phone: (808) 305-7351
Fax: (808) 293-8960
email: Lolanda_Mainaaupo-Remigio@notes.k12.hi.us

Registrar's Office Staff
Mr. Joseph A. Holtzmann. Registrar

Registrar Services
Registration, program of studies, transcripts, report cards, etc.

Student Registration: All New Students

To registrar's office
    1.    Complete registration form and emergency data card
    2.    Required for new student registration:
        i.    You must live in our school district, with your parents or guardian.
        ii.    Your parent/guardian must bring identification.    
            -  Must bring Legal Guardianship paperwork or Power of Attorney (if applicable).
        iii.    Your parent/guardian must show proof of residency (a rental agreement or utility bill in their name).
        iv.    You need a current tuberculosis skin test (within one year) from a doctor in the United States.
        v.    You must have all of your shot records.
        vi.    You need a current physical (within one year) from a doctor in the United States.
        vii.    You need your Birth Certificate or Family Registry.
            - You need your Passport/Visa (if coming from another country).
        viii.    Release paperwork from previous school.
            - You need your school transcripts from all previous schools.
         ix.    SPED – Current IEP and current re-evaluation record (if applicable).
    3.    To ELL Teacher for language proficiency testing and placement (if applicable).
    4.    To Counselor for selection of courses.
    5.    To Registrar for class schedule (Teachers notified via a copy of this schedule).
    6.    To Main Office to pay dues and Meal Tracker fees, and create ID.
Items needed for new enrollees from US mainland/Foreign Country
1) Birth Certificate or Passport
2) TB/Physical/Shot Records Clearance
3) Parent or Guardian ID
4) Proof of Residence, which consists of a Utility Bill or Rental or mortgage agreement per SOH/DOE.
5) If you live with someone, we will need a notarized letter stating you live with them and a copy of their utility bill, rental or mortgage agreement.
6) GE if you do not live within district zones (Pupukea left side/Ka'a'awa Point)
7) Notarized Guardianship if student does not live with natural or adoptive parent
8) Transcripts from previous school.