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History Matters Club

History Matters Club is for any student in grades 9-12 with a passion to keep history alive.
The purpose of this club is to keep the conversations going about the impact of historical events in our lives to promote global citizenship.  

We meet on Mondays during high school lunch to discuss historical events, do history challenges, and give support to any history day student that may need tutoring.  Members of the club also make time to conduct presentations on a topic of interest.  Students in the club are encouraged to participate in any school, state or national social studies contests.  

History Matters Club encourages students to become candidates for Rho Kappa  National Social Studies Honors Society.  Requirements:  11th or 112th grade with a passion for social studies, a  3.5 minimum grade point average with As and Bs  in social studies courses taken, and demonstrates leadership, character, service.