Kahuku High and Intermediate School

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Go online for faster results. Starting July 15, 2017 online applications will be available at https://www.schoolcafe.com. Please do not submit a paper application
if an online application is submitted. you must have a SchoolCafe account to apply online. SchoolCafe provides a secure online system for parents to:
. Make online payments, There is a service fee of 5% of the deposit amount when making
online payments
. Monitor account balances (set low balance alerts),
. Monitor student's buying history, and
. Apply for free and reduced price meal benefits.
There is no cost to set up, monitor student's account, and apply for meal benefits.

Once you access the online application site at hionlineapps.primeroedge.com, it will
take you to SchoolCafe link. If you have an existing SchoolCafe account, sign in and apply.
If you don't have an account, please register.
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